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Sailing the Panorama: Honest Review of Carnival Panorama

Embarking on a cruise is like setting sail into a world of adventure, and my experiences aboard the Carnival Panorama have been nothing short of extraordinary. Having embarked on this ship and done this same 7-day itinerary from Los Angeles not once, but twice, I feel compelled to share my honest and enthusiastic review of this cruise. From the moment you step on board to the final farewell, Carnival Panorama delivers a vacation experience that is truly unforgettable. My first sailing on this ship was the inaugural sailing in December 2019. We were the first to lay in the new beds, eat in the dining room, and play on sky course. The ship was so clean and perfect.

Setting Sail with Carnival Panorama:

The Carnival Panorama, a ship that exudes vibrancy and energy, serves as the perfect

floating haven for a week-long escape. Departing from Los Angeles, we sailed down the shores of Mexico. This ship is huge, 133,500 Gross Tonage and holds 5,458 people.

The Stateroom Experience:

The first impression of any cruise is often the stateroom, and Carnival Panorama does not disappoint. The cabins are well-appointed, offering a cozy retreat with all the necessary amenities. Whether you opt for an interior room or a balcony with a view, the comfortable spaces provide a home away from home. If you are traveling with kids, I highly recomend the Family Harbor Rooms, we enjoyed the extra perks and ammenities that it offered.

Culinary Delights:

One of the highlights of my Carnival Panorama experience is undoubtedly the dining options. From casual buffets, to quick service mouthwatering burgers and tacos, to the elegant main dining rooms offering a diverse menu, the culinary journey is a delight for the taste buds. Special shoutout to the Blue Iguana, the shrimp tacos are my favorite. Don't miss special dining experiance like the BBQ that is served on sea days.

Carnival Panorama Water Slides
Carnival Panorama Waterworks

Onboard Entertainment:

Carnival Panorama takes entertainment to new heights. The variety of shows, live performances, and themed parties cater to every taste. The theater productions are Broadway-worthy, and the deck parties under the stars are a blast. We loved the silent dance party. (Trust me, go try it.) Go to all the shows, try and be apart of the shows. Those are fun memories that made our cruise just a little bit better.

Fun for All Ages:

Traveling with family or friends? Carnival Panorama ensures that every age group is catered to. The WaterWorks aqua park, the SkyRide, and the SportsSquare are just a few of the many activities that keep guests of all ages entertained. My family loved the kids & teen clubs. They have made new friends, and the staff was wonderful. My kids loved the trampoline park, and my parents loved the Serenity Adults only deck and the Cloud 9 spa.

Exceptional Service:

The heart of Carnival Panorama lies in its dedicated and friendly crew. The staff's commitment to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience is evident in every interaction. From the attentive room stewards to the welcoming dining staff, the service aboard is truly exceptional.

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SkyRide Carnival Cruise

Repeating the Voyage:

The fact that I've chosen to embark on this 7-day journey aboard Carnival Panorama not once but twice speaks volumes. The ship's charm, the delightful destinations, and the overall atmosphere made it a wonderful vacation. I have no complaints about this ship, or this itinerary

Carnival Panorama's 7-day itinerary from Los Angeles is a voyage that encapsulates the essence of a perfect cruise vacation. The ship's vibrant ambiance, diverse dining options, exciting entertainment, and impeccable service create an experience that keeps me coming back for more. If you're seeking a week of pure bliss on the high seas, Carnival Panorama is undoubtedly a top contender and I would love to help you plan your Panorama Vacation!

Have you been or do you want to go on the Carnival Panorma? Comment below.

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Carnival Panorama, Long Beach California

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