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About Me

I'm Marissa, a mom to four amazing boys who share my zest for adventure. Traveling the world is more than just a passion; it's a way of life for us. From the vibrant streets of New Orleans to the tranquil beaches of Mexico, we soak in the beauty and culture of every place we visit.

My bucket list of dream destinations is ever-growing, a constant reminder of the vast world waiting to be explored. I believe that every journey is a lesson, and I'm committed to passing on this love for exploration to my boys and inspiring others to embark on their own incredible adventures.

I am a writer and photographer. Travel for me, is not merely a hobby; it's a way of life, a journey of self-discovery, and an unending source of inspiration for my creative soul, and now a career path. 

Read my Blogs HERE. For travel inspiration, tips & tricks, and more! 

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