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Frequently Asked Questions

Travel agents can be a wealth of knowledge and a valuable resource for planning your dream trip. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we encounter.

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How do Travel Agents get paid?

 Basically we get paid on commission In the same way that Expedia gets a cut when you book your hotel through them, we get a cut when we book your hotel, cruise, tour, etc.

Does that mean I am paying more on my vacation?

Nope, the price is built in, if you use a travel agent or not. 

How far in advance should I book my trip?

The ideal booking window depends on the destination and season. For popular destinations or peak travel times, booking earlier is recommended.

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Why should I book with a travel agent instead of online myself?

Travel agents offer expertise, personalized service, access to exclusive deals, and assistance with unforeseen circumstances.

We have access to exclusive deals and promotions. We have insider knowledge, and can give you expert advice on your upcoming trip.

What vacations can you help me book?

I specialize in creating magical theme park adventures (Disney & Universal!), relaxing all-inclusive escapes, unforgettable family getaways, and exciting cruises. I can also help you navigate European adventures, curate unique excursions, and plan seamless rail travel journeys.

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