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How I Launched My Travel Blog

Embarking on a journey to share my travel experiences with the world through a blog has been a transformative adventure in itself. In this blog, I'll take you behind the scenes of how I turned my passion for travel & photography into a thriving online platform. From the initial spark of inspiration to building a dedicated community of fellow wanderers, here's the story of how my travel blog came to life.

The Seed of Inspiration

The idea of starting a travel blog was planted during a mom & son trip to Disney World. I felt a burning desire to capture and share this experience with others. Everyone needs to experience a mom & son vacation! Since I was four years old, I wrote in a journal and documented my life. The last 15 years I have loved photography, and the the thought of creating a digital diary where I could relive and share my adventures was exciting. If you are wanting to write your own blog, do it on something you are passionate about. Write about something you love.

Choosing a Name and Niche

The next step was selecting a name that encapsulated my vision. After careful consideration, and a lot of back and forth on names. I settled on "Sun-Kissed Traveler" a name that spoke to my soul, the warm sun on my face that fuels my journeys. I had to check & double check if my domain name was available, if there was already a Sun-Kissed Traveler. This took quite a long time, but my advice don't over think it! Just go with what you love and what is available. My niche, is sunny family vacations. I have focused on saving families money on travel.

Setting Up the Platform

With my vision clear, I set to work creating my travel blog. I chose a user-friendly website platform and customized it to reflect the vibrant spirit of my adventures. was not my cheapest option, but easy to use, from selecting a color scheme that fit my style to curating visually appealing content, every element was a deliberate reflection of my travel style.

Sharing the First Adventure

The inaugural blog post was a momentous occasion! I wrote about . . . ME! Why am I writing a blog in the first place! You can read that first blog post HERE. I actually read that first blog post often realizing how far I have come and my why when I am feeling overwhelmed. The feeling of hitting "publish" was scary & I read it over and over to make sure I hadn't missed or misspelled anything (that happens a lot.)

Nurturing a Community

As my blog gained traction, through my wonderful instagram followers. I realized the importance of building a community around shared family travel. Engaging with fellow travelers, responding to comments, and participating in travel-related discussions became integral to the growth of Wanderlust Chronicles. It was heartwarming to connect with like-minded individuals who shared my passion for exploration. I started a facebook page & a Pinterest, to get more views and grow my blog.

Making Everything Cohesive

I created a logo, and changed it 50x. Again don't over think this. Its not that big of a deal. Make sure your logo is clear and can be used on all platforms. I changed all my social media accounts, to align with Sun-Kissed Traveler, or started new ones. Its hard starting a whole new account, but its nice to start fresh and have a clear vision of what you want your Social accounts to look like.

Learning and Growing

My travel blog has evolved and adapted, I have changed it so many times. I've embraced new technologies, refined my storytelling techniques, and expanded my horizons to cover a wider range of destinations and travel topics. It's been a learning journey, filled with both triumphs and challenges. Many days of feeling overwhelmed and questioning my life choices. But I have continued to move forward and the rewards have far outweighed any hurdles.

Starting my travel blog has been a venture in itself. Allowing me to combine my love for travel with the joy of storytelling & photography. Through Sun-Kissed Traveler, I've not only documented my adventures but also connected with an incredible community of fellow explorers. If you're considering launching your own travel blog, I encourage you to take the plunge. Your unique perspective and experiences have the power to inspire and connect with others in ways you never imagined. Happy blogging, and may your journeys be filled with endless stories waiting to be told!

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