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5 Day HHN Orlando Itinerary

Get ready to embark on a hair-raising journey through the dark and eerie realms of Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights (HHN). With five action-packed days ahead, you're in for and adventure of a lifetime! In this blog, I will guide you through my meticulously planned itinerary that ensures you make the most of everyday.

For this itinerary you will need 5 Day Park Hopper passes + 4 nights of HHN passes.

Day 1: Go Explore

Welcome to Universal Orlando Resort! Check into your hotel, walk around your resort and head to parks using the Universal bus transportation. Their bussing system punctual and convenient, definitely a perk for staying on property.

Take some time to explore CityWalk for a casual lunch and get a feel for the lively atmosphere. Its always 5 o'clock somewhere, check out Margaritaville.

Before 4 PM go to Universal Studios and start your adventure with some iconic rides in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.Participate in interactive experiences like Ollivanders Wand Shop or go into any gift shop and chose your wand. Even as an adult, the magic tricks throughout both Wizarding Worlds are fun and you will want your wand at the beginning of your trip.

The park closes to all guests at 4:00 - at this point go to the "Stay & Scream" holding areas of the houses that you are most interested in for that evening. You don't have to get in line, you can walk around, get a snack or drink, and line up when they open the queue line.

As dusk falls, brace yourself for your first taste of Halloween Horror Nights. Try and get to 2-3 houses while the lines are fairly short. For dinner, choose one of the several quick services restaurants throughout the park. I love the chicken sandwich in Moes Tavern. Don't forget to catch your breath with some thrilling rides like Revenge of the Mummy.

You are here for 5 days - don't exhaust yourself. Enjoy your time and head back to the hotel around 10/11. Get a good nights sleep, tomorrow is Volcano Bay!

Day 2: Volcano Bay

Morning/Afternoon: Take a break from the scares and unwind at Universal's Volcano Bay. Enjoy the tropical paradise with thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, and serene beaches.

Take advantage of hotel guests getting into the park at 9 am. Find a nice shady spot, put your valuables in a locker and head to the Aqua Coaster! The line for Aqua Coaster usually fills up quickly, so take advantage of the low wait time first thing in the morning.

Relax with yummy drinks, a float around the lazy river, and nap in the sun.

The pulled pork sandwich with pineapple is delicious and GF. I highly recommend it for lunch!

2:30 pm - Head back to the hotel & get ready for another exciting night!

3:30 pm - Get on the bus and head to Universal Studios. You need to be in the park before 4 pm, or you will be in the hotel guest waiting area, that is not by any of the houses.

Find a holding area for the next set of 2-3 houses that you are most excited about, and repeat from the night before! Enjoy dinner at the Three Broomsticks, and watch out for the Dementors!

10/11:00 Bed time! Head back to your hotel, enjoy a late night snack at the hotel restaurant, the Turkey Pesto was delicious.

Day 3: Islands of Adventure

6:30 am - Wake up & pack your bag for the day. Read this blog, for what to take to the park.

8 am - Gates open for hotel guests. RUN - Just kidding. Follow the crowd to Hagrids Motorbikes. This line gets very long quickly, make this your first stop! Enjoy your morning in the Wizarding World.

Eat a traditional English Breakfast at the Three Broomsticks. Its yummy!

11:00/11:30 - Lunch: You will probably be hungry by this time, and eating a little earlier than everyone else with help you avoid the lunch rush!

2:00 Head to the Hogwarts Express and back to Universal Studios, the train line can get busy at this time, I suggest you get in line early.

Try and hit a couple rides that are only open in the day at Universal Studios such as Fast & Furious or Simpsons, before heading to your next stay and scream zone.

4:00 - Find a holding area for the next set of 2-3 houses that you have not been to and repeat from the night before!

Dinner: Try one of the fun restaurants in City Walk and get away from the crowd for a minute. Toothsome Chocolate Factory has amazing milkshakes!

Day 4: Volacano Bay

Chances are you didn't get to ride everything the first time at Volcano Bay and you are probably a little tired. Use this day to relax in the sunshine, float down the lazy river, and conquer your fear of the Drop Slides!

Enjoy pizza at the Whakawaiwai Eats or.a drink at Kunuku Boat Bar.

2:30 pm - Head back to the hotel & get ready for your last thrilling HHN night!

3:30 pm - Get on the bus and head to Universal Studios. You need to be in the park before 4 pm, or you will be in the hotel guest waiting area.

This is your last night, you have probably gone through most houses, and tonight is your night to do anything you have missed or want to do again. Enjoy your last night, take your time through the scare zones!

I suggest eating dinner at the Richter Burger, one of my family Favorites since 2001.

Take it all in, you faced your fears in the fog!

Day 5 - Relax (a little)

Sleep in, have some brunch at the hotel and enjoy the hotel pool in the morning.

When you are ready for more adventure jump on the bus and head to Universal Studios. Ride or see what you were not able to the last 4 days. Don't miss the Horror Make Up show!

At this point you have probably seen it all, and are ready to take the Hogwarts Express to Islands of Adventure. The train ride is unique each direction.

Enjoy a late lunch at the Three Broomsticks or Mythos Restaurant. Ride & see everything at Islands of adventure that you missed or want to do again.

Stay till the Park closes at 8pm. Eat your last dinner at an old favorite or a new City Walk Restaurant.

Go to bed, knowing that tomorrow is a day of travel, and you just had one of the best vacations of your life! You did it all, you saw it all!

Comment below your thoughts on this itinerary, anything you would change?

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